You disarmed my Defensive Shield

One church leader thanked me for the Seminar on invitation, but particularly wanted to congratulate me on disarming their defensive shield. It seems to me that invitation is not done, because church leaders have been rejected by their congregations who have not invited their friends, that they protect themselves with an invisible shield controlling any further possibility of rejection. By not mentioning invitation they avoid being judged. To congregational member this might seem daft. But in the mind of the church leader everytime they have an invitation Sunday, it is almost like a visible referendum of the church leader’s ministry to the congregation. This is not a secret ballot, everyone will see the results. So they shield themselves.

Scripture talks about another shield which might in fact be much more useful to the church leader. It is called the shield of faith. That whatever the circumstances of our life God is with us. Perhaps once we have the right shield, more invitation will take place

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