Fat Bottoms and Big Ears

What frustrates me the most in my travels around the world, is coming across large evangelical churches who love hearing the word of God. Now before you criticise me for clearly an unsound statement, hear me out. Good sound teaching is like having a wonderful meal and enjoying every taste. But what if you went to the same restaurant every week, ordered from the menu and then when it arrived you didn’t eat it. You appreciated how it looked, how it smelt, you even anticipated the taste, but you never tasted it for yourself. I come across churches just like that. They use words like exegesis. They have wonderful bible teachers, who can take you into the Greek, they tell great stories, they make you laugh, they make you uncomfortable at times, but in the end the congregation conclude, that the teaching would be great for others, but they themselves are okay and do not need to apply the teaching to their daily lives. But they will turn up next week because they love to sit and hear. They have fat bottoms and large ears. They will of course protest, the church does a lot of good works, because they pay their staff to do them, they donate a lot of money, because they have to big givers.

But the word of God says be doers of the word, not just hearers. To intellectually know something and not do, is not really to know.

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