Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility is a key buzzword how do we make it part of our businesses?

MJH Associates works with the voluntary sector to support organisations with sustainability. Please see some examples below:

MJH Associates have teamed up with the Kampala Children’s Centre. This is a project to house 1000 orphans and provide love and education for children from the war torn north of Uganda and some of the most deprived parts of the country. MJH is currently leading on building a school on the site and so far nearly 40,000 pounds has been raised. For more information click here

Destiny Africa Choir children from the Kampala Children’s Centre toured the UK in October and November 2008 and can be seen with the Prime Minster click here

MJH Associates through its Living in the Dash course identified and encouraged a team of social entrepreneurs to set up Home Start in Manchester North. Home Start offers informal and friendly support for young families for more information on Home Start please log on to http://www.home-start.org.uk/about/

MJH Associates has helped a church in North Manchester raise over 30,000 pounds for a Community Worker over three years by identifying and applying to an appropriate funder

MJH Associates has helped to raise with a team of brilliant volunteers over 138,000 pounds in 2007 for Home Start in North Manchester. In 2008 we have helped to raise a further 290,000 pounds so far.

MJH Associates has started working with Parish Nursing to identify how they can grow their organisation and make it sustaninable

MJH Associates has started to work with Mother Against Violence to look at marketing and funding

MJH Associates has advised two Christian GP Practices who wanted to establish a Community Interest Groups to provides health services in areas of deprivation

MJH Associates has advised Heartnotes a Worship resource organisation on marketing

MJH Associates is working with Seedbed to help develop christian social entrepreneurs

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