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20 Minutes and 40 minutes to mobilise

On Wednesday 19th January and Tuesday 25th January, I made two 7 hour return train journeys to Cardiff and Glasgow.I had 40 minutes to convince 6 welsh bishops to mobilise their congregations to invite. I had 20 minutes to convince 35 Glasgow church of scotland church leaders (25th) to mobilse their congregations to invite. This is the hidden but important side of bringing hope to the wider church. We are asked to pray for our leaders as they are gatekeepers for the wider church. I knew three of the Senior Bishops in Wales already as I had spoken for them before and so they were very kind in recommending me on to their colleagues. At the time of writing it has meant that four of the six regions of Wales will experience the double your congregation in a day Seminar.
The Scotland visit was more of a job interview with 35 Scots and 1 englishman in the firing line. Looking back on the meeting with the 35 which lasted about 30 minutes, the generosity of the group far outweighed my feelings of fear at being put through the ordeal. In fact in the end I loved the opportunity. The interview has resulted in a two Seminars for the Glasgow Presbytery and an opportuntiy of influencing church leaders across the city.