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Trip to New England

I visited Connecticut and Massachusetts on a scouting mission to see whether the Unlocking the Growth teaching might be appropriate for the church in the United States. I visited with Archbishop Leroy Bailey III who founded the First Cathedral of Connecticut. Their hospitality was fantastic and I am grateful to my chauffeur Stanley who drove me to my other meetings. To go to the First Cathedral and experience their wonderful gospel choir is a treat. They have a membership of 12,000.

I met with Pastor Rick Mckinnis of Wellspring Church Connecticut
Rick is a wonderful man of God who has a real heart for those who are suffering. He also took me out for lunch and I forgot the sizes of pizza in the US of small, medium and large, might not be the same size of those in the UK!

I visited with Mark Charette who is a church member at the First Church of Christ in Wethersfield Connectiicut at his business premises.

We had a wonderful conversation about what is stopping us Christians inviting our friends. The appointments with Mark and the others were arranged by Arnold Muwonge and I am deeply grateful.

My final appointment was in Boston with Bishop John Borders III of the Morning Star Baptist Church.

During our conversation and as a result of the other meetings my excitement level was rising. It seemed that the message of simple invitation was very appropriate to where the church in New England needs to go. As a result of the meetings I expect to be back in New England perhaps as early as May 2011 to help teach and equip the church to reach those God is calling to Himself outside of our church buildings right now.