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In the air for 2 days and on the ground for six days, I am just back from speaking to the Australian Bishops Conference on the Gold Coast in Queensland.

I can report what they describe as a “miracle”. At least 21 out of 23 dioceses will take part on one date September 13th 2009 (the same date as New Zealand). What God accomplished in 4 years in England with roll out across the whole of the country He appeared to achieve within 90 minutes in Australia.

I was thrilled to hear of the impact of Back to Church Sunday amongst the cantonese and mandarin speaking congregations of St Paul’s Chatswood. Many invited friends who are now regulars, and none had ever been to church before
We are now believing that thousands of Australians will now have an opportunity of rediscovering or discovering a relationship with their Heavenly Father in this concept called the “easiest form of evangelism”.

For more information on Back to Church Sunday and to see me on New Zealand Television you can access two weblinks. (Please note I made an error on NZ Television, I meant to say that ‘church’ is about Christ’s body His people and not the building or the service between 1030 and 1200)

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