Back to Church Sunday

Back to Church Sunday started as an idea in February 2004. Michael Harvey of MJH Associates worked as part of a team to bring Back to Church Sunday to initially the Diocese of Manchester and in 2005 to churches across the UK.
In 2007 19 dioceses took part and over 20,000 people came back into relationship with someone who has a relationship with God. The testimonies of the lives that have been changed subsequently are thrilling. Research from Lichfield shows that neatly 15% of those who came to Back to Church Sunday have now become regular weekly attenders. This means nearly 3,000 people were added to the church last year. A further 50% are drawn much closer.

In 2008 nearly 40 dioceses. the Baptist Union of Great Britain, Methodist, URC, Elim, Salvation Army, Church of Scotland Church In Wales, Baptist Union of Wales and the Scottish Episcopal Church took part with pilots in New Zealand, Canada, and Australia. Some 37,000 people accepted invitations!

The idea is for individuals in the pews to invite their friends with a simple question “Would you like to come to church with me and afterwards why don’t we have sunday lunch together?” Research shows that their are 3 million people who would come back to church if they were invited by a friend. The key to success, say the organisers, is the personal invitation and attention.

Churches taking part have access to resources such as prayer cards, poster and invitations,as well as support from their dioceseor denomination.

Members of the congregation issue personal invitations to people they know, and in turn churches are encouraged to offer a ‘normal’ service, but to be especially welcoming and user-friendly to newcomers and returners that day.

Wouldn’t it be thrilling to mobilse 1 million people to invite 1 million friends back into a relationship with their Heavenly Father

Latest Press

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