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12 Steps To Becoming An Inviting Church - Steps 5 & 6

On my journey to see 1 million Christians invite 1 million friends I have visited 8 capital cities between March and the end of June (Belfast, Dublin, London, Edinburgh, Cardiff, Amsterdam, Canberra, and Wellington) I have travelled thousands of miles and seen lots of films on flights! I wanted a practical example of the theoretical Seminar and so please find the release of films 5 and 6, the power of story and who has God been preparing in my life

Brazil on board for Back to Church Sunday in 2010

Now Brazil is one place that I have not been, but a representative of the Anglican church in Brazil Luis Coehlo contacted me earlier in the year to see if they could take part in Back to Church Sunday. Well they have made good progress and 40 churches across the country will be taking part on September 26th 2010. They will be the last country to participate that day.

They have created a short video and website in Spanish which show that
Promotional Video Back to Church Sunday Brazil
Back to Church Sunday Brazil Website

Back to Church Sunday New Zealand goes live on the web

Claire Onslow who is leading Back to Church Sunday in New Zealand has worked fantastically hard in creating a wonderful resource for churches and people in New Zealand

New Zealand is normally the first of the Back to Church Sunday family to experience the day not only starting their day earlier than anywhere else, but actually having Back to Church Sunday on Sunday September 12th. This year Australian capital city of Canberra are going early on Sunday August 29th and become officially the first. In New Zealand a 100% increase in the number of invitation cards ordered means that we hope and pray for a significant harvest in this wonderful country. For those wondering why New Zealand is made up of two separate islands, my theory is that God loved the first one so much, he decided to make another. It is a fabulous place, with great people and sensational places to visit.

Back to Church Sunday New Zealand Website

12 Steps To Becoming An Inviting Church - Steps 1-4

From Nova Scotia to Vancouver
From Brisbane to Tasmania
From Dunedin to Auckland
From Carlisle to Plymouth
From County Cork to Lisburn
From Bangor to Haverfordwest
From Aberdeen to Galloway

The journey to see 1 million Christians invite 1 million friends is nearly over in 2010. Thousands of church leaders have participated in the nearly 2 hour Unlocking the growth Seminar.

On my journey I recorded twelve 5 minute films one for each of the 12 steps of becoming an inviting church. I wanted to elicit more wisdom from church leaders who have participated previously. So please find the release of the first four films Vision, Modelling Cascading and the gift of friendship. United Christian Broadcasting will be showing the films in the UK on a rolling basis on UCB TV, and it is hoped other Christian TV stations around the world will follow suit.