Business Consulting

MJH Associates is a Business Consultancy providing Businesses with leadership, management. business development and marketing assistance

MJH Associates provides five main services. Business Development, Profiling Personnel, Marketing the business and Non-Executive Director, and Motivational Seminars

Business Development
Typically Consultants tell you what to do and let you get on with it. At MJH Associates we give direction as to how to grow the business from a sales perspective but then go and get the sales with you!

Profiling Personnel
To know how you have been created to communicate. We use Life Languages to profile you and your staff. Also being able to quickly “size-up” a person is one of the toughest skills in business. …This enables you to recruit the right people for the right jobs and to better identify the people gaps in your organisation. As a business leader it also confirms your strengths and weaknesses

Marketing the business
Very often we are given an idea and we develop a brilliant product and we know everything about that product. The problem comes with telling others about it. What are the right markets and the right route for your business. MJH Associates helps you to confirm the market and helps you grow the business by getting the leads for you!

Non Executive Director
An outside pair of eyes sitting with you at your regular board meetings is often a helpful addition to the business. If you have employee problems, financing not available. customers leaving, expenses out of control, losing money or slow business growth then this is the service for you.

Motivational Seminars

Unlocking the Growth through obeying the Universal laws in your business (Seminar )

The 2 hour Seminar describes Ethical Leadership and how it can dramatically make more money in your business, unleash the potential of your staff, unlock knowledge and productivity and transform working lives.

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