To be Un-Invited

Have you ever been uninvited? I have been just recently. The ironic thing is that I was invited to a Conference to speak about invitation. All was set, I imagined a significant breakthrough and lots of openings to spread the message of simple invitation and then I was uninvited. No real explanation, but looking at the invited speakers, I did feel rather think that I missed out because I wasn’t a known speaker with a Doctorate and author of plenty of books.

It is hard to be uninvited, I felt depressed and down for at least 48 hours, I am still not quite over it some ten days later. But it is a reminder to me that although God has invited those outside our congregations into a relationship and God uses us to do the inviting. Unfortunately it appears as if we have uninvited them. By not concentrating on the great commission of make disciples and concentrating on maintain what we already have, are we not uninviting the invited? Convoluted but I hope you get my drift!

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