Change our angle of thinking

One significant church leader wrote recently and said that I might be able to come back and speak to his clergy if what I had to present is a very different angle. Oh to have failed in the first place to get over the message of simple invitation! I now have to think up a very different angle. In one sense the leader is correct. Jesus found different ways of communicating. There is as saying “He is the best orator who can turn men’s ears into eyes”. So I will try.

The great thing about this journey around the world trying to get invitation into the DNA of the church is that I pick up great ideas wherever I go, so I am confident that I will be able to re-present the simple Christian discipline of invitation very differently.

But why do we always crave the new way, or the fresh initiative. Aren’t the simple timeless disciplines of Christianity still true today as they have been since Christ walked the earth? GK Chesterton said that Christianity has not been tried and found wanting, it has been tried and found difficult, so not really tried.

How about a very different angle being, to look at our generation from God’s perspective and change our angle of thinking

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