Dealing with Unbelief

I ask church leaders around the world to send me good news stories after Back to Church Sunday. What emerges from the stories is a hint of surprise that people would be open to an invitation. See the examples below;
“I personally was pleasantly surprised by the response to Back to Church Sunday” Church Leader
“It was lovely to see the delight on the faces of those who had brought someone new, good to see the amazement on the faces those who thought nothing would happen and a real joy to be part of BTCS leading worship and hearing comments on a positive experience enjoyed by all.”

We are surprised because we didn’t actually believe that something would happen. In some churches surprise moves to amazement I think the main issue that the church has to face is that we have an issue in the area of belief and expectation. This has happened because of the disappointments of Christian Ministry which have led to general discouragement

Discouragement is a besetting sinĀ  - one which constantly recurs - which contains elements of failure, shame and hopelessness. It is deeply ingrained in leadership at all levels in the church. Leaders don’t reach into the future because they are trapped by the regret of the past, past failures past mistakes, or so burdened by the routine of present they don’t give enough thought to designing the future.

I love the following poem by Charles Reade

If you accept a belief,
You reap a thought.
If you sow a thought,
You reap an attitude.
If you sow an attitude,
You reap an action.
If you sow an action,
You reap a habit.
If you sow a habit,
You reap a character.
If you sow a character,
You reap a destiny

The destiny we are currently reaping comes from “surprise”, “amazement,” otherwise known as unbelief. How do we deal with it?

We clearly need to admit that there is a problem, confess it

I confess the sin of unbelief which includes doubt, fear of being wrong, mistrust in You, skepticism and uncertainty. I ask you to forgive me for this sin, for yielding to it. I ask that you might give me boldness to lead my congregation to invite their friends.

Turn in the opposite direction

Happy Inviting

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