The Story of Ten Little Churchmen


10  little churchmen went to church when fine,
but it started raining, then there were 9

9    little churchmen stayed up very late
1 overslept himself,   then there were 8

8    little churchmen on the road to heaven
but 1 joined the rambling club
and then there were 7

7    little churchmen heard of Sunday Flick
1 thought he’d like to go, so then there were 6

6    little churchmen kept the place alive
but one bought a video set and then there were 5

5    little churchmen seemed loyal to the core
but the Minister upset one of them
so then there were 4

4    little churchmen argued heatedly
over all the changes and then there were 3

3    little churchmen sang the service through
got a hymn they didn’t like so then there were 2

2    little churchmen argued who should run
the next social evening then there was 1

1    faithful Christian knew just what to do
he got a friend to come to Church
so then there were 2

2    sincere Christians each brought in one more
so their numbers doubled
then there were 4

4    happy Christians simply couldn’t wait
till they got 4 others
then there were 8

Soon, every seat in Church was filled, not an empty pew –
God, supply this grace and zeal in my own Parish too!

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