Behind Fear is fruit

One of the main reasons we don’t invite is fear. Whatever the mountain of fear we are facing, we are told “you shall say this to the mountain move .” Mark 11:23 Fear is the most destructive element of the human personality and is an enemy to the Christian. This is why we are told “do not be afraid.” Imagination is a source of fear but it could also be the solution. Romans 8 verse 31 says “if God is for us who can be against us?’. If we fill our minds and imagine God being for us we can defeat fear. When our minds are full of God there is no room for worry and anxiety over the response to an invitation. God has given the solution to fear within us. We may need to start with faith the size of a mustard seed. But even that is big enough as we face the fear. Small faith will give you small results, but it will move you in the right direction and sooner or later you will have medium faith giving medium results, which can then lead to bigger faith giving bigger results. We can use the fear to actually build a deeper relationship with God. God has laid within us through the power of the Holy Spirit all the potential we need to lead a constructive life of faith But teaching will not be enough. JK Galbraith an economist said “Faced with changing one’s mind, or proving that there is no need to do so, most people get busy on the proof.”

We spend so much time renovating and refurbishing our church buildings what we really need to do is to be constantly refurbishing our minds. Beating the culture of fear will be an on-going battle to be joined on a regular basis by the Church leaders and their leadership team.

Will we be like David, who overcame the fear faced by the army of Israel when faced with Goliath and slew that fear with one small stone, because he did the thing they feared. That is the way to defeat fear. Do the thing you fear!

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