Put on your own oxygen mask before helping someone else

I have flown 16 times in the last month and perhaps I have memorised the security instructions given at the beginning of a flight. “Put on your own oxygen mask before helping someone else” has discipleship implications for the leader of the church. I haven’t met many church leaders who don’t want to see their churches grow numerically and spiritually. Leaders are often however struggling to understand how to unlock numerical and spiritual growth. Within the safety instructions given on a flight holds a key. “You have to access the oxygen first before helping others. In other words, we have to attend to our own spiritual development before we can help others. I am sorry to say that our congregations are often a spiritual reflection of where we are in our relationship with God. How much change are you as a leader prepared to embrace in your own walk with God. Work on your own relationship with God and you will start to see ordinary miracles in your congregation

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