We don’t invite because we think we have nothing to offer

I have been staying with a wonderful couple in Papakura It is situated strategically 32km south of Auckland city The council promote the place in this way “Papakura is in the unique position of being bordered on its north side by the greater Auckland suburbs, and on the south by some of the most striking countryside within New Zealand.” Just been to church in Papakura. I have the privilege of visiting church communities around the world and invariably the church community itself does not know how good it is.
We often feel we have nothing to offer. But we have fellowship leading to community, an act of worship which helps us praise our Creator and be thankful, in some churches we have the opportunity to be discipled, which leads to people discovering who they are in Chirst, and we have mission leading to working with all God’s people, whether they are with us yet or not. We need to promote what God is doing among us as well as a local Council promotes its area

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