Invitation and the law of averages Shane Warne

Before he retired from Test Cricket Shane Warne had taken more wickets than any other bowler in the history of the game.

He actually took 708 wickets. But many people will not realise that he had 40,700 attempts at taking a wicket. So he bowled

39,992 balls that did not achieve their desired effect. Not only that, he conceded 18,000 runs

This means that arguably the best bowler of all time had to bowl 57 balls before he took a wicket. In other words Warne endured

the failure of 57 wicketless balls, but kept on going because the law of averages said in his case that each failure increased

the chance for success

The law of averages strikes also in invitation. Not every invitation to something we love is going to result in acceptance. But

if we persist long enough our own law of averages in invitation will appear and if we endure or as old versions of the bible say “suffer long” (longsuffering) we will succeed.

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