Invitational Meekness or Standing in the Gap

Invitation helps the Christian develop one of the fruits of the spirit, meekness. The Meek person I would describe as “The teachable prophet.” Moses would be the best example today he faced his Pharoah but he knew his own limitations. Meekness is power under control.
Invitation reveals the opposite of meekness in control of the church, which I believe is the sin of pride. “Well it must be God’s will that we are not growing”, is often a cover up for an inflated sense of one’s own importance. Meekness is missing today, it should be seen in being teachable or childlike in our fascination with mission
Invitation teaches us to stand in the gap between the church, and those God has called outside of the church. In that gap the meek person honestly discovers their issues. I have discovered within me unworthiness, perfectionism, controlling, teritorialism, blame, failure expectation, conflict avoidance, and jealousy. The meek person identifies their failings but crucially knows their God is able. We do feel afraid at times to invite but we overcome our fear and we find
Whatever you lack, He has
Whatever you need, He can supply
Whatever obstacle you encounter, God within you, and about you can overcome it
Invitation introduces his church and his un-churched people to the wonderful fruit of meekness

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