The Living Dead

Let the dead bury the dead. I come across so many people both in and out of the church that are trapped by their fears.
They fear loss, pain, failure, rejection, limitation, illness. One example may suffice. I have friends in jobs they put up with just to pay the mortgage
They have dreams, but these are put on hold because they fear the consequences of leaving the security of a monthly pay cheque.
The majority of heart attacks in the Western World are between 0500 and 0900 on a Monday Morning. Why? Because people are going to jobs they hate.
Many of us have been committing spiritual suicide. Because of these fears they are spiritually dead. They are the living dead.
Christ says that he came to bring life in all its abundance, without limitation.
Would Jesus say to you in your area of fear “let the dead bury the dead and come follow me to become who I designed you to be”

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