The Skeptic Within

Before an Invitational Sunday the forces of skepticism gather. Preparations can be made in the midst of a fair (fear) level of skepticism. This is a good sign that we are in the midst of a battle. It could be said that Christianity is a battle of the mind. The Scriptures tell us “As a man thinketh so he is”. In other words your inner mind is revealed through your words and actions. This is valuable information for the church leader who needs to know the areas in person’s life in which to minister.
In Luke 10 Jesus set out the reality of invitational mission “I am sending you as lambs in the midst of wolves” and later “whenever you enter a town that does not receive you shake the dust from your feet”. Jesus is signalling that there will be opposition. The Skeptic is partially right in expecting invitational failure, but Jesus says “The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few.” Despite the rejection of our invitation that we might receive Jesus urges us on to the plentiful harvest. In modern parlance you may have to kiss alot of frogs till you find your Prince!

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