1 million tour to begin in earnest in Cardiff

Please find below a short clip promoting the Unlocking the Growth Seminar (and attached a PDF) which I am touring from March through to July.

Unlocking the Growth Seminar

A word about the 1 million Tour

Whilst the Tour gives practical examples of how we can mobilise invitation it is much more than a Training event. It is a call to action. The aim is to mobilise 1 million Christians to invite 1 million friends. Currently eight out of ten members (Back to Church Sunday 2009 figures) of a congregation are not inviting their friends on an invitation Sunday, I am confident that using the ideas generated through the “Double your congregation in one day” pilot, that we can release that potential. The first dates have already happened, where I spoke to the leaders of Methodism in London followed two days later in Montreal Canada with a keynote speech to the House of Bishops. The tour begins in earnest on February 24th in Cardiff and then March 1st in Edinburgh, followed by Aberdeen and in the same week South West England Wrexham and Worcestershire. After a date in Lancashire, a flight to Australia and New Zealand with dates in Sydney Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane, Tasmania, Wellington, Auckland, Christchurch and Dunedin. In April I return to Canada with dates in Ontario, Niagara, Toronto Moncton, Saskatoon, Winnipeg, Edmonton and Vancouver. In early May a tour of Ireland is followed by dates in the UK. In early June there are dates in Amsterdam and the American church in Brussels.

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