Secular France?

The Abbey at St Malo set off the Brittany coast with wonderful views out to sea is a very special place and worth a visit if in that part of the world for its beauty, serenity and another of those thin places where one might experience the presence of God afresh.

The Archdeaconry of France consists of the British diaspora across France.
There are nearly 50 Anglican churches across the country from the major cities to the Cote d’azur.

Before I got up to speak the preceding debate concluded by saying that the problem in France is that we are in the most secular country in the most secular continent in the world. Before I started the presentation I wanted to challenge that mind set and so I said that “Christ was alive and active in this continent and especially in this country of France”

Over 100 clergy and church representatives were present and responded positively to the message of friend inviting friend and the renewal of the church. We laughed together and had a good time mocking ourselves as church and talking about the changes we could make. I expect Back to Church Sunday to happen across the country in Anglican churches and chaplaincies and my hope and prayer is that in 2010 other church denominations and this time French speaking will join in.

The trip to France followed a weekend in Bournemouth at the Baptist Assembly doing a seminar with my friend Mark Hope-Irwin who spoke passionately at our Welcome Workshop for more details see below the interview afterwards

Back to Church Sunday Baptist Assembly

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